Guided walks in Stockholm 

let me show you my city!


I offer personal guided walks not only in Stockholm, but also - and perhaps mainly - in the beautiful surroundings, by foot and by public transport, including by boat.

Most of my walks can be done all the year around.

City walks, coastal walks, island walks, countryside walks, or by kayak - you choose!

I know the perfect places to eat or have coffee.


About my concept

After visits to cities like London, Paris and New York, I have often wished that I could have had someone local to show me parts of the city, or surroundings which are not in the regular guide books - or not easy to find and access. 

I have lived in central Stockholm for over 40 years, and I have come to cherish and enjoy certain neighbourhoods and particular parts of Stockholm which offer both historical and serene nature experiences.

Bits and pieces of Stockholm that I want to share with you! By foot, by boat and by public transport.

Trips we do together for half a day (~4h) or for a full day (5-7h).

My tours/walks shouldn't perhaps include more than... six/seven people.

Please note, if you don't want to walk, or if you're in a hurry...and if you are max 3 people - we can always use my car, a Swedish Saab - convertible.

Welcome to Stockholm, I look forward to showing you around my city!

/ Magnus


My personal walks

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Coastal walk

incl. Millesgården

10 km (6mi)

 We take the ferry boat from central Stockholm (Nybroplan) to Saltsjökvarn, from where we walk along the coast to Nacka Strand, with a coffee or lunch stop at Restaurang J. Then we continue with the ferry over to the island Lidingö and walk some more along the shore, before we stop (an option) at famous Millesgården museum.

We travel back to the city by tram and metro.


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The archiplelago

incl. island walk on

Sandhamn (full day)


We need to start early, at 08.30, by taking a bus (45 min) from Slussen to Stavsnäs, the main hub for ferry boats going to the islands.

We continue with passenger ferry (45-60 min) to Sandhamn, one of the most popular destination for seafarers in the archipelago. On the island we do a 1.5 hr walk, followed by lunch at the old inn.

You will experince, and most certainly, enjoy the archipelago!

Back in the city at around 15.40. 


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City walk along the shores

from Kungsholmen

5 -15 km (3-9 mi)


We often start in John Ericssonsgatan 6 at Cafe Petite France at Kungsholmen, 10 min from the City Hall, with coffee/tea  - to plan our walk.

Then we do a ½-day (3-4hr) or a full day (~5hr) walk, covering approx. 5 different islands/boroughs, not much frequented by tourists.   

We stop for lunch or coffee.

Other walks are of course possible too.


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Walk along lake Brunnsviken

map full day, 13 km (8 mi)

map half day, 5 km (3 mi)


On the northern edge of the city is a green and historic park area, where lake Brunnsviken

is the centre.

On the eastern side are beaches, the botanical garden and Stockholm University campus.

On the western side we walk through historical Royal Haga parkland, home of the Crown Princess and her family.

We walk either around the entire lake or along only one  side of the lake, and return by metro - you choose.

Stops for lunch or 'fika',

e.g. at Cafe Sjöstugan


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Around lake Brunnsviken

by kayak

full day & half day

We rent kayaks at my club, and paddle close to the shores of lake Brunnsviken.

We pass the sights listed under

"Walk along lake Brunnsviken"

We either bring packed lunches, etc, or stop for lunch/coffee 

at Cafe Sjöstugan, or at Bockholmen restaurant which we reach by paddling through a canal, Ålkistan, which connects lake Brunnsviken with the sea.   

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By metro and by foot to

Sturehofs'  manor house

8 km back & forth (5 mi)

allow ~4 hours

We travel 40 min. by metro to Norsborg, from where we walk 4 km (2.5 mi) km to Sturehof Manor House, along the country road, where we have lunch/coffee at the cosy and quaint Sturehof café.

Then you might want to visit the pottery before we head back or just rest in the garden or cool your feet in the lake Mälaren. 

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