About Magnus & links

About Magnus & links links

My 'cv'

I taught chemistry and biology for 12 years, before working for the UN Association of Sweden - for another 8 years. Since 1999 until 2017 I worked for the International Union of Tenants, IUT, with issues concerning tenant’s and housing rights.
And now I'm back teaching again! 

I have lived in Stockholm since the mid 1970´s – in most districts, and I use my bicycle in the city. Stockholm is a great city for biking!

And of course, I walk! In the city, but I also go for longer walks, together with friends. This spring, 2022, the six of us will walk in south France, from Arles and westwards.

We have also walked in Porugal, Spain, Italy and in Turkey, Menorca. Need tips and ideas - ask me!

Stockholm, with an archipelago of some 25 000 islands, is great for sailing.  So I share a sailing yacht with a friend.

My philosophy:

- I have experienced that walking and sailing have much in common. It’s not the destination that is most important – it’s the route to the destination that provides the experience and well-being.

- Try to travel without too many 'must do’s'.

- Try not to plan too much ahead. Leave room for unexpected experiences and meetings with the locals or/and other 'slow' tourists.

- Sometimes travelling without too much pocket money, on buses, by foot or by train, provides great opportunities to meet the locals.

- Avoid all-inclusives!

- Challenge yourself, and make a trip on your own - and you will for sure meet and connect with the locals and other travellers. And there is often a spare bed for a single traveller - if necessary. 

Magnus' useful links

- Stockholm Visitor Center

- Main attractions

- Gamla Stan - Old Town
- For lunch - Bagdad Café, centrally located near Gustav Adolfs Torg
- Magnus' favourite café and lunch place at Djurgården, near Vasa museum;

- Magnus' favourite café and lunch place in central Stockholm; Vetekatten
- An odd crazy place for dinner and/or drinks, at Södermalm; Rost
- Magnus'  favourite art museum;
Thiel Gallery

- Magnus'  favourite club for live music, r&b, funk, soul, jazz etc; FASCHING

- For visiting the archipelago; Vaxholmsbolaget

- Metro / bus tickets and fares

- Metro map