About Magnus & links

About Magnus & links links

My background

I taught chemistry and biology for 12 years, before working for the UN Association of Sweden - for another 8 years. Since 1999 until 2017 I worked for the International Union of Tenants, IUT, with issues concerning tenant’s and housing rights.
And now I'm back teaching again! 

I have lived in Stockholm since the mid 1970´s – in most districts, and I use my bicycle in the city. Stockholm is a great city for biking!

And of course, I walk! In the city, but I also go for longer walks, together with friends. This spring, 2024, we will walk in Greece. 

We have previously walked in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey and Menorca - and of course in Sweden.
Need tips and ideas - ask me! 

My philosophy:

- I have experienced that walking and sailing have much in common. It’s not the destination that is most important – it’s the route to the destination that provides the experience and well-being.

- Try to travel without too many 'must do’s'.

- Try not to plan too much ahead. Leave room for unexpected experiences and meetings with the locals or/and other 'slow' tourists.

- Sometimes travelling without too much pocket money, on buses, by foot or by train, provides great opportunities to meet the locals.

- Avoid all-inclusives!

- Challenge yourself, and make a trip on your own - and you will for sure meet and connect with the locals and other travellers. And there is often a spare bed for a single traveller - if necessary. 

Magnus' useful links

- Stockholm Visitor Center  (physically situated in the main train station)  

- Main attractions

- Gamla Stan - Old Town

For lunch and coffee, in the city centre:
- Bagdad Café (near Gustav Adolfs Torg)
- Vetekatten

Magnus' favourite cafés and lunch places at Djurgården:
- Blå Porten (Blue Gate)

- An odd crazy place for dinner and/or drinks, at Södermalm; Rost
- Magnus'  favourite art museum; Thiel Gallery

- Magnus'  favourite club for live music, r&b, funk, soul, jazz etc; FASCHING

- For visiting the archipelago; Vaxholmsbolaget

- Metro / bus tickets and fares

- Metro map